The Dirty Santa Exchange

You need to buy and wrap the present yourself, no help from your "friend” or spouse. The gift can be sincere, practical, a regift, funny gift, gag gift, etc... Just remember there is a chance you could go home with the gift you brought! Dirty Santa gifts are expected to be well wrapped, even look deceivingly good to make people want to open them.

Gift value: $25

Gameday Preparation

  1. Upon arrival to the venue, place your wrapped gift in the designated gameplay arena staging area.
  2. Add your name to the signup sheet so we know you’ve got game.
  3. Order of game play will be based on a random drawing order.

Let the games begin!

  1. The first player will choose and open the first gift to begin the game
  2. The next player can:open a new gift or steal an opened one
  3. The next player can:decide to select an unopened gift or steal a previously opened gift from anyone player
  4. Repeat step 3 until everyone has had a turn.
  5. After everyone has had a turn and all gifts are opened, the first player gets a chance to swap the gift he or she is holding for any other opened gift. Anyone who's gift is stolen may steal from someone else as long as that person hasn't been stolen from yet.

Special Game Rules

  • Rule (17-01): A gift can only be stolen once per turn.
  • Rule (17-02): You can not steal the gift that was just stolen from you. You must select an unopened present or steal from someone else. Keep in mind there may be another opportunity to strike.
  • Rule (17-03): If the gift is stolen from you, it is your turn to steal another gift or open an unopened gift, but you can not steal the gift just taken from you right away.
  • Rule (17-04): 3 strikes early out. If a gift is stolen 3 times, that gift and player is out of the game.